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71774086512 days ago
legal process server scam. American English human speaking voice (not robocall) Simon Adams from Independent Services, a legal complaint is filed against my name and social security and will be coming to my place of employment to serve papers. left a case number reference and said that message is considered that I've been officially notified. also left a return number to call, 844-944-0426.
512641963517/02/20 19:01
Who or what is this & where EXACTLY are you located. Is it Austin, Avant, Lampasas, Lometa, or heaven knows what other town since all of these are listed and if you check is a fairly wide location between these places.
304370496915/02/20 22:07
Fake pch clearance house. Said won but in order to collect you have to go and get a vanilla prepaid card for $3000 and when you tell him to take it out of winnings he tells you to suck his dick
267491101615/02/20 16:39
Scammer - A company called Portfolio Recovery trying to tell us we have an outstanding debt from 12 years ago. They have been sued and found guilty of harassment by the Commonwealth of PA and other states. These bottom feeding scumbag parasites need to be shut down for good! Contact the US Gov do not call website and lodge a complaint against Portfolio Recovery. They call at all hours of the day and night and never leave voice messages.
438764518314/02/20 03:53
Faggot Muppet lovers 438-764-5183 647-400-0222 Montreal sexual pedophile pirated software scammer Who is a convicted sexual pedophile, that lives in public housing in the province of Quebec Get your money back from Nabil If you dare, 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 This sexual muppet sells trial pirated versions of Windows 10, office,autocad,& all adobe photoshop Who is a old man loser that lives in a bed bug, cockaroach, Quebec housing complex in a drug infested neighborhood of Montreal 438-764-5183 11480 avenue Pelletier Montreal,Quebec H1H 3S4 Caller: NABIL THE SEXUAL PREDATOR & SAMHIR BAKHIIT GOOGLE HIS NUMBER 647-400-0222 AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT I MEAN
262205438830/01/20 01:18
Card holder services used this number
314288183027/01/20 23:49
561708628221/01/20 22:18
Robot collar left a message on my phone. The message said that I needed to call to get a refund and cancel a subscription for $299. It didn’t say for who or what so I called the number back. A man with a very strong foreign accent answered and said that they had auto charge me and if I wanted a refund I had to immediately have them process it for the money. They said they were through Microsoft and it was an automatic renewal in my computer so I need to be on my computer for them to send the information through. This was a red flag for me and I asked them to email it. They said I needed to be on my computer to give me the information and were insistent that that was the only way this could be done. I told him I was driving and would like to call them back to see what information they gave me. He said call me back the name is Jean Morgan and the phone number is 786-416-6751. My friend then told me to hang up and told me about a warning text she had gotten were scammers were doing this through Best Buy information and getting the person to go on their computer to pull up their banking information so they could have access to that. This is definitely a scam beware!!!!!
332209244621/01/20 17:12
They called three times. When I answer they hang up.
412646835020/01/20 22:24
Threatening call from unknown about an alleged subscription and $299 renewal I could stop.
216270290307/01/20 14:12
The person at this phone number is a crook! Don’t make any deals with this person! The offer being made is complete fraud. I was a stupi sucker victim of this crime!
267491868406/01/20 14:29
Credit card debt reduction sales pitch.
213262339927/12/19 14:43
Scam artist stole money from me n my friend as well
657383806826/12/19 21:36
Got a call from this # didn't pick up and they didn't leave a message.
11673509022/12/19 11:42
Thnk you
11673509022/12/19 11:41
No thnk
270797615317/12/19 21:32
This number keeps sending me unwanted sexual texts.
253645099213/12/19 18:09
Noel calling. She is a vacation specialist.
215554077013/12/19 05:09
This woman is a scammer, she meets people on dating apps uses them for dinner and tries to borrow money then disappears , she did this to my friend
205913443911/12/19 19:17
206385458902/12/19 22:24
Calls almost everyday but doesn’t leave a voicemail or any indication of who they are
207883317629/11/19 21:41
THIS IS A FRAUD NUMBER. I googled it. The number cross references Portland Maine and New Orleans.
226256840129/11/19 09:32
Please call me 2 hours later or send a message thanks
202689749128/11/19 00:21
All morning I’ve been getting calls from 202 area code numbers.
201278879621/11/19 21:36
Filthy Christ. There is no use for me to have a phone at work anymore because all I get are these fake scam calls
54268135121/11/19 07:22
248797763918/11/19 01:39
289697774216/11/19 17:03
Cheater Cheater Cheater Cheater Cheater
289215755015/11/19 17:56
Got a missed call from this number, have been receiving more scam calls lately and I think this is one too.
208268082815/11/19 15:57
Card services, I believe it is a scam, they have called me 2 a day for the last 2 days.
253645102812/11/19 19:13
Called at 11:04 am 11/12/19 I let it got to my answering machine. They (it) left no message.
228827892609/11/19 16:16
Called on Saturday and left no message.
954429575006/11/19 18:28
This number (954-429-5750) is associated with (one of the) VTECH SOLUTIONS scam/s. The recorded call says to call number (203-552-2489) within 48hrs to avoid $399 charge to account.
203552248906/11/19 18:20
This number is associated with (one of the) VTECH SOLUTIONS scam/s. A recorded call (from 954-429-5750) says to call above number within 48hrs to avoid $399 charge to account.
248647451205/11/19 15:08
BS phishing
207000794704/11/19 19:19
Dear sir This payment is wrong please return the payment
226337954504/11/19 18:49
Received 4 calls and when I answer they hang up the phone
231478220601/11/19 17:51
I called this number back a couple of times and it just gives a busy signal.
217330581525/10/19 19:46
855217587425/10/19 13:44
They told me they were trying to deliver some documents, and seemed to have some of my details but definitely a scam, beware!

Common Phone Scams

This is some of the most popular phone scams. Never reveal any personal or financial information unless you can confirm the callers identity. When in doubt hung up the phone straight away.

One-ring scams

The scam starts whith a call from an unknown number that rings you once only. These calls originate from premium rate numbers. When you ring the number back your will be charged a high fee.

Voice mail message

These are similar to one-ring scams. The scammers leave you a voice mail message telling you that you won a vacation or a prize and in order to claim the prize you need to ring them back. When you ring the number provided your will be charged a high fee.

Bank scams

Someone will call you claiming to be from your bank , the caller will tell you that there is an issue with your account our bank card. Beware of this scam the callers might sound very convincing, they will ask you for your card and account details, including PIN number. Your bank will never ask you for this details. If in doubt hung up and call the number on the back of your bank card.

Lottery winner or free vacations

The scammers will call you telling your that you won a prize or vacation. They will normally ask you for a payment to secure your prize. This is a very common scam, never reveal any personal or financial information to the caller.

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